Valan Tennis Academy – Why Play Tennis?

Why Play Tennis?

Many benefits come from playing tennis which are unique to our sport, and include the following:

  • Tennis is a sport for life and offers organized play and program opportunities from pre-schooling to seniors at all ability levels. A person can begin playing at any age.
  • Tennis is a sport that is accessible all year round and can offer participants a choice of active, recreational and age specific competitive lifestyles.
  • Tennis is a great family activity allowing parents and children to learn and participate together.
  • Tennis can be both a team and individual sport.
  • Tennis is a low-impact, non-contact sport that offers a number of essential physical benefits, including but not limited to; cardiovascular, mobility, strength, and coordination. Tennis can be as strenuous as one chooses and can contribute to an overall sense of well being.
  • Tennis allows for a high degree of personal customization based on an individual’s personal needs and interests (social, physical, competitive, etc)

“Tennis will be a leading sport and recreational activity nationally in Canada, and will consistently rank among the world’s tennis nations.”

– ‘Tennis Canada. Vision, 2008’

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