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Individual Program

tennis training program for kids
The focus in this stage is on building physical literacy through continued development tennis skills. This is a critical stage for athletes/tennis player, as it sets the foundation for learning to be a competitive junior. In addition, this stage can determine if an athlete has an opportunity to compete at a high international level in the future. This is the stage where “you make or break an athlete” by doing the right thing at the right time of the athlete’s development. The goal of this program is to assist in the development of international player competencies and norms.
This program offers international touring escorted by athletes leading coaches.

Age: 16-18
Duration: 20-25 hours per week semi-private + private lessons
Time: Individual schedule

Cost of the Program Membership: According to individual needs

Yearly Membership Payment:

Option 1: $150 one time payment
Option 2: $16 monthly

General Objectives:
  • Continue to develop and refine technical skills
  • Become a responsible and autonomous athlete
  • Refine all basic skills at competition intensity
  • Improve in the implementation of learned skills in competitive situations
  • Develop flexibility, speed, strength, and aerobic endurance-in all the physical skills
  • Refine the daily implementation of sport medicine and science knowledge
  • Learn to cope with the challenges of different competitive situations (surfaces, game styles, weather)
  • Introduce and consolidate psychological routines to produce the ideal performance state
  • Demonstrate quality and consistency in the warm-up, recovery, and diet
  • Develop and ability to understand key principals related to training, competition, recovery and equipment

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