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Why Play Tennis?

By: Tennis Canada (Vision 2008)

Many benefits come from playing tennis which are unique to our sport, and include the following:

  • Tennis is a great family activity allowing parents and children to learn and participate together.
  • Tennis can be both a team and individual sport.
  • Tennis is a sport that is accessible all year round and can offer participants a choice of active, recreational and age specific competitive lifestyles.

  • Tennis allows for a high degree of personal customization based on an individual’s personal needs and interests (social, physical, competitive, etc)

“Tennis will be a leading sport and recreational activity nationally in Canada, and will consistently rank among the world’s tennis nations.”        – ‘Tennis Canada. Vision, 2008’

tennis is best
  • Tennis is a sport for life and offers organized play and program opportunities from pre-schooling to seniors at all ability levels. A person can begin playing at any age.
  • Tennis is a low-impact, non-contact sport that offers a number of essential physical benefits, including but not limited to; cardiovascular, mobility, strength, and coordination. Tennis can be as strenuous as one chooses and can contribute to an overall sense of well being.
tennis is amazing

Our Programs

No matter if you are new to the game or a tennis fanatic, Valan Tennis Academy will be here to help you enjoy and participate in this sport for life!

This program is created for kids…

Designed for kids who have no experience and are looking to learn to play tennis and make new friends.

The focus in this stage is in building physical literacy through continued development tennis skills.
The focus in this stage is in building physical literacy through continued development tennis skills.
VALAN Tennis Academy

Our Story

The Valan Tennis Academy has been successfully operating in Toronto for over 15 years and is now acknowledged as one of the leading providers of tennis services in Toronto, Canada.


We provide amateur and competitive tennis programs in a positive environment, delivering our coaching with enthusiasm and commitment.

We offer group lessons, semi-private lessons, and  private lessons.

We support all of our tennis players during all type of competition: Provincial, National, International.

Ready to get started? Contact us!

National and Provincial
Director of
Valan Tennis Academy Inc. International Team Head Coach WORKING EXPERIENCE
– SINCE 1973
Progressive Tennis Program Head Coach WORKING EXPERIENCE – SINCE 2003
Certified Tennis Coach , Iran
- 2014
Certified Tennis Instructor OTA
- 2020
Director of Administration Marketing – Public Relations
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